• I can write an especial Hit for your performer (Band, Singer, ....) in english or german. (Pop, Rock, Funky, Jazzy)
  • In that case you will get the notes and lyrics and a demorecording.


    An Austrian music-manager called me to write a song for the Song Contest (Duesseldorf). It should be something against xenophobia and the song had to be a catchy-tune. The problem was, that there was only time for about 3 weeks (inklusive recording and mixing). Two days after the call, the song and the first demo was ready: One Big World

    Linz was the European Capital of Culture 2009. For that I had to write something about the good sides of Linz and the music should be a bit like Austrian Folk-music, but also a modern Pop-Rock. Maybe for you it doesn't fit together, but the result of it was this: In Linz beginnts net nur

  • You can take an already existing song from the Hit-Song-Demosite

  • hitfactory@thomas-raber.com